Passion. Experience. Tenacity.

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Who is Claire Wemyss?

I am a woman with a passion for helping others see their potential and uncover their strength and wisdom. I have coached people starting businesses, working as graduate and doctorate students, and undergoing significant shifts in their lives. Prior to starting my coaching practice I have spent 5 years as an educator and a further 10 working with small businesses.   The CoActive Model and the philosophies and tools I have developed over the years pair into a compelling coaching experience that, together with the brilliance of you the client, empowers and transforms.

The CoActive Model combines a focus of being present with the self, 'Co', and commitment to engage with a response to that awareness, 'Active' into a courageous and powerful pardigm.  It has been in development for 20 years and is considered the gold standard of the profession.


Areas of Proven Impact


Decreased anxiety, illness intrusiveness, burnout; increased hope and resilience.  


Increased proficiency, commitment, and outcomes in professional and personal life.

Improved teamwork, decision-making, and leadership.


Stronger self-efficacy, social well-being, and goal attainment