Passion. Experience. Tenacity.

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Who is Claire Wemyss?

 I've spent the past two years building on and refining the incredible foundations that my experiences over the past decade as an organizer, educator, care provider, mentor, crisis counselor, and student have cultivated, and these many months have been ones of incredible connection and transformation with my peers, teachers, and clients. I continue to be incredibly honored to be given the title 'coach' by my clients and be invited to love and empower their lives. It continues been the most thrilling and fulfilling work I've ever done. 

My development as a coach began with the rich mentorship by members of my community over the years, and my work with Coaches Training Institute since 2016 has crystallized and refined these gifts into incredible tools I'm using to participate in making the world a greater place to live.

The CoActive Model combines a focus of being present with the self, 'Co', and commitment to engage with a response to that awareness, 'Active' into a courageous and powerful pardigm.  It has been in development for 20 years and is considered the gold standard of the profession.

I feel incredibly blessed to be doing this work and I look forward to doing it for the rest of my life.

We are potentially great match if you identify with any of the following

  • wants to get the most out of life
  • wants more or less of something in their lives
  •  ‘has it all going for them’ and still feels that something is missing
  •  wants to be more intentional about their parenting
  • wants to re-establish themselves in the context of changing life roles
  • trying to ‘get my act together’   
  • going through a life transition (moving, work change, graduating, relationships, etc.)
  • looking for their next opportunity in life
  • women or queers seeking to find and claim their voice and power
  • youth or adults with ADHD/Autism wanting to redefine their relationship with their diagnosis

Universally, the ideal person to be my client is someone who is hungry and passionate for their growth, and committed to taking action for it.

Now that you know, I would greatly appreciate taking some time to think of connecting me with people I can share my love and skills with. 



Areas of Proven Impact


Decreased anxiety, illness intrusiveness, burnout; increased hope and resilience.  


Increased proficiency, commitment, and outcomes in professional and personal life.

Improved teamwork, decision-making, and leadership.


Stronger self-efficacy, social well-being, and goal attainment